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Illustration number of employees - 460

Människor och kompetens

Vi är mer än 460 engagerade specialister inom kommunikation och teknik. Vi arbetar i flexibla team över discipliner, geografiska gränser och kundbranscher.

Värderingar och kultur

Itera tror på värderingar som grund för att bygga en stark företagskultur. Våra värden är innovativt, passionerat och kompetent. De beskriver för våra kunder vad de kan förvänta sig av oss.

Börs och internationellt

Vi har kontor i Oslo, Bryne, Stockholm och Köpenhamn men också i Kiev och Lviv i Ukraina. Itera är noterat på Oslobörsen under symbolen ITE.



Iteras internationella ledning

Anders Lier

EVP Business Development

+47 952 84 360

Ane Gjennestad

CCO Itera

+47 905 56 077

Arne Mjøs

CEO Itera

+47 905 23 172

Igor Mendzebrovski

CEO Itera Ukraine

+38 067 448 0191

John Aalling

CEO Itera Denmark

+45 70 13 61 00

Jon Erik Høgberg

EVP Managed Services

+47 900 96 974

Kristian Enger

EVP Business Consulting & Communication

+47 930 91 111

Merete Jordal

IT Director Itera

+47 958 13 958

Niko Nyström

EVP Technology Services

+47 974 22 072

Torunn Havre

CFO Itera

+47 909 43 403

Ulf Magnusson

MD Technology Services

+46 (0)7 08 68 72 40


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for providing governance and oversight regarding strategy, operations and management in Itera.

Ole Jørgen Fredriksen - Chairman of the Board

Ole Jørgen Fredriksen has held various key management positions within the IT industry in Europe and US, and has experience within Sales and Marketing, RD, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management. He has background as CEO in listed companies at Oslo Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. His main affiliates today are connected to Board positions in various industries, primarily within the IT industry (hardware, software and services). His main positions include Chairman of the Board at Itera ASA, Data Respons ASA and Cyviz AS, and as a Board member at Engelsviken Canning AS.

Mimi K. Berdal - Member of the Board

Mimi K. Berdal has a Master of Law degree. She has worked for the law firm of Arntzen de Besche (formerly Arntzen, Underland & Co) since 1988 and has been a partner since 1996. From 1988 to 1991 she was seconded as an in-house lawyer to the oil company Total. In late 2005, she left Arntzen de Besche to open an independent legal practice. She works primarily with company law, transactions and contracts, as well as petroleum law. She has held a number of positions in the Norwegian Bar Association and on various Boards of Directors.

Trude S. Husebø - Member of the Board

Trude S. Husebø has a degree in Educational Science and a Master of Management Degree. Husebø joined Assuranceforeningen Skuld in January 2008 where she works as Executive Vice President HR. She has been working with Wilh. Wilhelmsen as General Manager of the WW Academy and she has broad experience with HR and development of organizations from companies like SIMONSEN, Føyen, Elkem and AGA.

Jan-Erik Karlsson - Member of the Board

Jan-Erik Karlsson has a long and substantial background from the IT consultant business, as the co entrepreneur of the Swedish IT consultant company Programmator at the end of the 1970's. Here he held leading positions until the company was sold to Cap Gemini in 1992. After that he has had variuos managing positions in Cap Gemini's Nordic organization until 2010, where he spent 5 years as the leader of Cap Gemini Norway and 5 years as the leader of Cap Gemini Sweden.

Nearshoring from Ukraine

Hiring enough resources to meet high market demands in a generally tight labor market can be challenging. In order to secure flexibility and delivery capacity for our customers, Itera started up in Ukraine in 2008. The availability of highly qualified resources in Ukraine is good, and it is relatively simple to increase staffing quickly when resource needs occur.

Itera delivers projects in mixed teams. Local and nearshore resources work closely together in integrated and interdisciplinary teams, supported by a common corporate culture and delivery methodology across geographical borders. The delivery model provides the customer with high flexibility regarding cost efficiency and ensures stable access of resources.


våra partners


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Arne Mjøs

CEO, Itera ASA

Ane Gjennestad

CCO, Itera ASA


Itera logo

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  • Kista

    Kistagången 2
    P. O. Box 1223
    164 28 Kista
    +46 (0)8 56 30 08 00

  • Stockholm

    Wallingatan 20-22
    111 24 Stockholm,
    +46 (0)8 69 49 015

  • Oslo

    Sognsveien 77 B
    Pb. 3834 Ullevål Stadion
    0805 Oslo,
    +47 23 00 76 50 

  • Köpenhamn

    Rentemestervej 2A
    2400 København NV
    +45 70 13 61 00

  • Lviv

    Rynok square 26
    Lviv, 79006
    +38 03 22 54 01 34 

  • Kiev

    M.Pymonenka 13
    block 1В-5A, office 41
    Kyiv, 04050
    +38 04 44 99 32 01